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Investment Management

Our Philosophy

We believe in investing for the long term and building portfolios tailored to the long-term wealth goals of each of our clients. Our research-focused approach to investment management takes into account both the controllable and uncontrollable events that are likely to occur in life. The result is a well-diversified, bespoke portfolio of time-tested strategies that are closely aligned to your current and future cash flow projections as well as your growth needs.

Our Work

As independent investment advisors, we have a fiduciary responsibility to explore all investment options on your behalf, including those typically only accessible to financial institutions and the very wealthy. As investors, we personally invest our own assets in portfolios similar to those of many of our clients.

Investment Process

Step 1

Our investment process begins with understanding your family’s financial objectives, desires, resources and constraints, gathered from our client discovery conversations.

Step 2

With this information as our guide, we then conduct a risk assessment to determine your optimal asset allocation strategy.

Step 3

After determining the appropriate asset allocation, we build an asset portfolio based on our ongoing research and analysis. Also, we overlay a tax strategy to ensure your portfolios will be managed as efficiently as possible at both the individual and household levels.

Step 4

Our advisors run hypothetical models to stress-test your proposed portfolio before we recommend it to you.

Step 5

With the final portfolio determined, we begin allocating capital into the various strategies and accounts.

Step 6

We monitor and review your investments to ensure they meet agreed-upon objectives and the investment philosophy is consistent with the mandate. Going forward, we monitor any changes in circumstances that may have occurred within your family or in the economic environment to determine whether any corresponding adjustments to the portfolio are appropriate.

Tax Strategy

The amount of your income and investment returns that you retain is often as important as how much you earn. A wealth plan without due consideration for tax implications can sometimes result in you paying more in taxes than necessary.

Our tax planning and mitigation strategies are designed to ensure your family maximizes every deduction and tax credit for which you’re eligible. More importantly, our forecasting allows us to identify potential tax burdens in your future and create a plan to mitigate them, thereby helping your family protect a greater proportion of your wealth.

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Our thoughtful, strategic approach to meeting your family’s lifestyle goals and addressing your current financial situation helps us to ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals through retirement and beyond.

Our investment process begins with a conversation about your retirement, lifestyle and legacy goals. After we gather this information and analyse your current situation, we can develop forecasts to understand potential outcomes. From there, we create strategies to reduce risk exposure, grow your wealth and ensure that your retirement and your family’s financial future is secure. We analyse and update your plan regularly to ensure your portfolio stays on track to realize its investment objectives.

Specifically, our investment advisors will:

  • Analyse the sustainability of your wealth through retirement and beyond
  • Assess your net worth and cash flow needs, now and in the future
  • Understand the projected value of your estate
  • In the case of business owners, be aware of their corporate structures and succession goals
  • Explore strategies for transferring wealth efficiently according to your wishes
  • Appreciate your risk exposure and identify mitigation strategies to protect you and your family
  • Identify strategies to minimize taxes
  • Identify opportunities to optimize your investment strategy

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